Friday, March 16, 2012

So today wasn't much exciting going on-- we went to the new Academy Store that opened in our area.  Because we don't have enough sporting goods stores in this area-- Dick's Sporting Goods, Hibbett Sports, Play it Again name a few!  The parking lot was PACKED!! They had I know a 100 folks working in this place-- everywhere we looked someone was asking-- "need any help" "can we help you" "looking for anything"  We did notice they have lots and lots more than Dick's Sporting Goods -- so come football season we def know where to go get everything we need and not have to go up to Pineville.  Well things got a little exciting when we got to the Paintball guns, bb guns and more-- we picked up a set of those and got out of there.  Of course our mama was asking-- is there a coupon for this? Is this on sale? All of that- we left and went over to Staples and we opened up our guns-- well one didn't even work and back to Academy we had to go-- they were super nice, but of course mama wasn't happy that she had to go back!! Either way we were happy we got what we wanted and of course had to spend our money!!! Cause she def wasn't spending her money $$$ NOT!

Cam & Colby

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