Saturday, March 24, 2012

Busy Weekend coming up @FamilytrustCU, start the garden, Baptism on Sunday-- hang out with the fam!

Morning ya'll-- It's Saturday and it has been a busy week. Between school work and working on learning how to build a blog, facebook and more--- just WOW- We can't believe our mama knows this much about technology, but she does!! So today we will be hitting the Family Trust Credit Union in Fort Mill because they are having a Grand Opening with over $4K in prizes-- if you know us you know we are up for it!!!

Then going by Wilson's Nursery to pick up some fruits & veggies to start our garden.  Our Aunt Marianne & Uncle Mac are going to teach us how all this works!! Special thanks to Wilson's as we will be partnering with them to grow it and quite possibly start a Produce stand-- hmmm Entreprenuership, Local & Healthy!!

Our grandmother is cooking out today so free food and family time-- then tomorrow we will both be BAPTIZED-- surely will have a blog on all of this and yes the dog and the 4wheeler last weekend is coming-- some of you saw that on our mama's blog and wanted to hear the REAL details!!! We will get them to you-- so wish we had pictures!!  Have a great Saturday and we hope you enjoy reading our blog. 

Cam & Colby

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What I see & hear as a 10 year old about the #TrayvonMartin case.

Hey ya'll it is Colby here and I wanted to express how sorry and upset I am as I have been watching the story of Trayvon Martin unfold in the media.

I have been watching this case very closely.   You see in our house it isn't really optional to watch the news-- something we used to think was punishment, but now we watch it and actually learn stuff -- from the morning weather to what happened last night. We watch it in the evenings on the news and in the morning before going to school.  I hope you have been listening to the facts of this case and not just what people are saying at school. 

picture from

I can not believe that the police have not arrested Mr. Zimmerman the alleged shooter.  You see from what the news says Trayvon was walking home from the store in the rain.  He had a bag of candy and a tea in his hand he was walking and talking on his phone to his girlfriend.  Mr. Zimmerman is part of the volunteer watch program in the neighborhood.  In the past Zimmerman had been known for his temper and had made over 90 calls to the local 911.  On this night he called 911 to report a strange black person in a hoodie walking through the neighborhood. 

Trayvon was walking and talking in the rain and yes had on a hood because of the rain.  According to the 911 transcript he was told not to pursue Trayvon as a police cruiser was on the way.  He continued to follow got out of his car and shot and killed Trayvon Martin.  Mre. Zimmerman has not be arrested and it has been almost one full month since this incident happened-  He is claiming self defense.  What do you think?

Our mother has never raised us to be racist or think anyone is better than us or that we are better than anyone else.  But after watching the news last night it was interesting that Brian Williams on NBC had a lady on talking about how raising black boys is different from raising other children.  I listened to the things she said she told her sons and it sounded just like our mama!!  She continues to say to us this is not a black & white issue it is a right & wrong thing.  If you don't watch the news you should check it out and see what you learn.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another @IPOD face eats the dust!

Hey--- so today I told you we went to Academy, but I forgot to tell you we went to Best Buy and met my uncle Chavis-- cause well you see I had an accident with my Ipod.  Uh well this isn't the first time it is kind of like the second.  Long story short.  I had an Otter Box you know the one everyone says to get to protect your IPOD from breaking-- Uh NO!!! That isn't true.  I got the defender series and it cracked the face-- so today I was forced to go into my bank account and take out enough to get a Survivor a Griffin--- and it is the bomb.  I mean that one is some serious PROTECTION and it has a belt clip--- not like the Otter Box had any of that extra stuff!!


Dirtbikes and country living!!

Today was a good day.  I hung out with my grandparents and helped them out.  Then came back home and rode dirtbikes with my brother while he was on the 4-wheeler! I love country living!! Can't do all this in the City!!  Hope you had a good day and enjoyed it outside.


Friday, March 16, 2012

So today wasn't much exciting going on-- we went to the new Academy Store that opened in our area.  Because we don't have enough sporting goods stores in this area-- Dick's Sporting Goods, Hibbett Sports, Play it Again name a few!  The parking lot was PACKED!! They had I know a 100 folks working in this place-- everywhere we looked someone was asking-- "need any help" "can we help you" "looking for anything"  We did notice they have lots and lots more than Dick's Sporting Goods -- so come football season we def know where to go get everything we need and not have to go up to Pineville.  Well things got a little exciting when we got to the Paintball guns, bb guns and more-- we picked up a set of those and got out of there.  Of course our mama was asking-- is there a coupon for this? Is this on sale? All of that- we left and went over to Staples and we opened up our guns-- well one didn't even work and back to Academy we had to go-- they were super nice, but of course mama wasn't happy that she had to go back!! Either way we were happy we got what we wanted and of course had to spend our money!!! Cause she def wasn't spending her money $$$ NOT!

Cam & Colby


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