Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another @IPOD face eats the dust!

Hey--- so today I told you we went to Academy, but I forgot to tell you we went to Best Buy and met my uncle Chavis-- cause well you see I had an accident with my Ipod.  Uh well this isn't the first time it is kind of like the second.  Long story short.  I had an Otter Box you know the one everyone says to get to protect your IPOD from breaking-- Uh NO!!! That isn't true.  I got the defender series and it cracked the face-- so today I was forced to go into my bank account and take out enough to get a Survivor a Griffin--- and it is the bomb.  I mean that one is some serious PROTECTION and it has a belt clip--- not like the Otter Box had any of that extra stuff!!


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