Thursday, March 22, 2012

What I see & hear as a 10 year old about the #TrayvonMartin case.

Hey ya'll it is Colby here and I wanted to express how sorry and upset I am as I have been watching the story of Trayvon Martin unfold in the media.

I have been watching this case very closely.   You see in our house it isn't really optional to watch the news-- something we used to think was punishment, but now we watch it and actually learn stuff -- from the morning weather to what happened last night. We watch it in the evenings on the news and in the morning before going to school.  I hope you have been listening to the facts of this case and not just what people are saying at school. 

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I can not believe that the police have not arrested Mr. Zimmerman the alleged shooter.  You see from what the news says Trayvon was walking home from the store in the rain.  He had a bag of candy and a tea in his hand he was walking and talking on his phone to his girlfriend.  Mr. Zimmerman is part of the volunteer watch program in the neighborhood.  In the past Zimmerman had been known for his temper and had made over 90 calls to the local 911.  On this night he called 911 to report a strange black person in a hoodie walking through the neighborhood. 

Trayvon was walking and talking in the rain and yes had on a hood because of the rain.  According to the 911 transcript he was told not to pursue Trayvon as a police cruiser was on the way.  He continued to follow got out of his car and shot and killed Trayvon Martin.  Mre. Zimmerman has not be arrested and it has been almost one full month since this incident happened-  He is claiming self defense.  What do you think?

Our mother has never raised us to be racist or think anyone is better than us or that we are better than anyone else.  But after watching the news last night it was interesting that Brian Williams on NBC had a lady on talking about how raising black boys is different from raising other children.  I listened to the things she said she told her sons and it sounded just like our mama!!  She continues to say to us this is not a black & white issue it is a right & wrong thing.  If you don't watch the news you should check it out and see what you learn.


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