Saturday, March 24, 2012

Busy Weekend coming up @FamilytrustCU, start the garden, Baptism on Sunday-- hang out with the fam!

Morning ya'll-- It's Saturday and it has been a busy week. Between school work and working on learning how to build a blog, facebook and more--- just WOW- We can't believe our mama knows this much about technology, but she does!! So today we will be hitting the Family Trust Credit Union in Fort Mill because they are having a Grand Opening with over $4K in prizes-- if you know us you know we are up for it!!!

Then going by Wilson's Nursery to pick up some fruits & veggies to start our garden.  Our Aunt Marianne & Uncle Mac are going to teach us how all this works!! Special thanks to Wilson's as we will be partnering with them to grow it and quite possibly start a Produce stand-- hmmm Entreprenuership, Local & Healthy!!

Our grandmother is cooking out today so free food and family time-- then tomorrow we will both be BAPTIZED-- surely will have a blog on all of this and yes the dog and the 4wheeler last weekend is coming-- some of you saw that on our mama's blog and wanted to hear the REAL details!!! We will get them to you-- so wish we had pictures!!  Have a great Saturday and we hope you enjoy reading our blog. 

Cam & Colby

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